Virtual Sports Application

The WIRTUAL project began in 2019, born from a company, W JAMES VENTURES, that has been active since 2017. We are a next generation team dedicated to creating innovative solutions that improve lifestyles.


WIRTUAL is an “Exercise to Earn” application. Workout, get rewards– it's that simple! Earn WIRTUAL coins through exercise and exchange coins for store purchases physical products & NFTs, event ticket, organize virtual sport events and holder ranking to access features.

WIRTUAL promotes an active lifestyle for its users. We create challenges in running, walking, swimming, cycling, workout and dance, where our users can compete in terms of speed, distance, have competitions as a group, or even create their own custom challenge.

Vision & Mission


“Innovate better health & lifestyle technology for billion people by acquiring non-crypto users to crypto world”

Mission Stage 1: #1 Exercise to earn platform (Sport Solution)

Run, Walk, Bike, Swim, Workout, Dance and more to come. We will bridge data from all professional sports applications into one place and give you rewards for tracking your activities.

Stage 2: Social Media for active lifestyle users with privacy and security in mind

Almost all social media platforms rely on selling users’ data as a source of revenue. Our business model works differently. We put the control of our user’s data back into the hands of the users themselves. They are in full control of releasing their data to us in return for rewards.

Stage 3: Multi-Metaverse Avatar

Connect the real-world to the virtual world with our app. Users can live in any metaverse with a single profile. Our app also bridges the gap between all kinds of smart gadgets.

Founding Story

WIRTUAL started out as a test project in the science of Growth Methodology. It was founded to solve a pain point in the market, to make exercise more fun, more immersive, and to bring people together in the virtual world. The first version of WIRTUAL was a web-based prototype designed to test the idea to see if it was viable in the market. We listened to our customers and collected feedback from our early users. We explored management results, issues in fraud, and even how to cope with an overload of users. With this information, we reworked our platform and are now ready to present you with WIRTUAL 2.0.

WIRTUAL MVP 2019 version

Founding Team

WIRTUAL was born under the vision of the company’s CEO, Supacheep Phornwatanakul, an ex-Hubba Growth Marketer and an experienced full-stack marketer, whose expertise extends into growth in creating product market fit. Supacheep Phornwatanakul has worked two years in a tech startup as well as four years as a venture builder alongside his co-founder, Aanant Sony, ex-Event Leads at GetLinks, a company that has received funding from Alibaba. Aanant Sony is experienced in event planning in relation to technology and is well practiced in coordinating large events for over 1,000 people. Sony has worked one year in a tech startup as well as three years as a venture builder.

In our work as venture builders, we started with a Growth Agency, creating a core team and building their expertise through accepting clients, namely SMEs in the securities industry as well as startups in SEA, Africa, and the US. Our business provided a holistic service, covering total tech and marketing solutions with regards to online growth, from building websites and applications to creating advertisements and SEO content. In essence, we performed any and all growth related activities in the online world, with our main focus being on tailor-made strategies for our clients. Through our activities in the Growth Agency, we noticed a gap in the market that inspired our other businesses: a marketing software called Endlessloop, a tool that provides consultation in terms of technology and the science of growth known as The Growth Master , and WIRTUAL

Supacheep Phornwatanakul Co-founder

Aanant Sony Co-founder

Jaturong Collyer Lead Tech

Anuphat Thavilkij Lead Design

WIRTUAL began in early 2019. In the beginning stages the first prototype version of the product was created in mid 2019 in order to test the market. In this version, WIRTUAL was merely a website. We wanted to test if there really was a pain point, and the potential for growth in this market. Once we saw the potential in building this market, and that it would be a large enough market, we expanded our focus into creating an application. We used a lead team consisting of experts in various areas including:

  • Lead software developer, Jaturong Collyer, who has over 9 years of experience in software development. Collyer was formerly part of the Finnomena app team in the Robo advisor system, which advises in fund purchases.

  • Lead Designer, Anuphat Thavilkij, the person behind the designing of all business units in W JAMES VENTURES. Thavilkij has been specializing in design since coming up with UX/UI advertisements and videos as well as branding.

Currently, the team structure is as follows:

  • Management and the operations team

  • Software and blockchain development team

  • Design team

  • 3D Team

  • Marketing and partnership team

Currently 50+ people on our team

We're hiring – WIRTUAL is continuously searching for new talent.


In the year that WIRTUAL 1.0 has been on the market, it has experienced tremendous success with corporate clients who have used the platform to organize private events for its employees. Some of our well-known clients include Mitsubishi Electric Thailand, Suntory PepsiCo Thailand, NBA Sports Management, Lion Thailand, Thai Nippon, Schneider Thailand, Bosch Thailand and Banpu Vietnam.

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