Easy Mode

How-to use Easy-Mode

Start now for free on your smart phone with Easy Mode (Auto-track Steps) just one-click away to get started.

Easy Mode, or known as Auto-Track Steps mode, is a mode that tracks your walking steps via your phone. Just connects WIRTUAL with health apps such as Health (iOS) or Google Fit. (Android)

Rewards from the Easy Mode are divided from 4,500 $WIRTUAL to all users in each day. More users, less coins received a day.

In a simple way, Easy Mode is a ‘Daily Login Reward’, every users are rewarded when they logged in everyday (Before Midnight)

About how to use the app, Let’s run through this post!

1. DownloadWIRTUAL

First, the WIRTUAL is available for download on both App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android). Just search WIRTUAL and click download!

Download app now! >> https://wirtual.onelink.me/0Nne/ver2

2. Connect with Apple Health/Google Fit

After downloading and registering with the app, you will see the main page which is an easy mode, click connect with the health app as Health or Google Fit in your phone and your walking stats will be synced to WIRTUAL straight away.

3. Counting steps in every walks

After connecting to the app, it’s time to track your steps. Simply take your mobile with you wherever you go to allow WIRTUAL tracking your steps. In the end, waiting for the coins (But don’t forget to log in everyday)

NOTE: For Android, if steps count in WIRTUAL shows 0 steps, remove Google Fit and re-download the app. For iOS, close WIRTUAL in app switcher (Swipe Up) before re-open the app to start tracking your steps.

4. Claim your rewards (coin) in the wallet

After WIRTUAL tracked your steps, you could receive $WIRTUAL that generated from your own steps, which will be transferred into the internal wallet within 2 days.

Examples: If you walk and login to WIRTUAL on Sep.1, your coins will appear in the wallet within Sep.3

Note: It would be better to claim your coins 7 days after receiving them to avoid service charges.

5. Let’s use $WIRTUAL!

After claim your rewards (coin), those coins can be used on demand such as,

1. Holding in the Internal Wallet (Increase Holders Level)

2. Buy the NFT items from Avatar Shop

3. Savings (Earn up to 12% interest)

4. Exchange for the Brand Voucher to take discount on products

In the future, WIRTUAL will have more use cases , whether a discount for buying challenges, buying real products in the WIRTUAL Brand Store (E-Commerce), exchanging for events’ tickets, or even donating to foundations.

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