Competition Mode

How-to use Competition Mode [6 Sports]

You’re losing an opportunity to let exercise results tracked on your smartwatch waste for nothing. Trade them in for rewards at WIRTUAL.

Previously, we learned that Easy Mode has many unique advantages; notably — free to play, easy and simple to sweat-mine, get started just a click away — a simple phone is all it takes. However, the reward you stand to gain per day is limited.

Now It’s time to get to know more about Competition Mode. For those of you who want to increase your chances for the most earnings, Competition Mode is a way to go as it rewards you with 55,555 $WIRTUAL/Day — up to x12 times in comparison to Easy Mode, which is ~4,500 $WIRTUAL per day.

This includes 6 types of workout available for your selection. From running, walking, cycling, swimming, dancing to weight training. Competition Mode covers all your favorite ways to work out.

If you’re looking for ways to make your exercise even more rewarding, here we have outlined easy steps for you to kick start with Competition Mode. Let’s go over to the details!

1. Sync your smart watch with WIRTUAL app

Where there’s a competition, where there’s a ranking. To ensure level of fairness for participants, Competition Mode requires data tracked on smartwatches to verify data and to prevent fraud.

Smartwatch that is compatible with WIRTUAL must include these following functions:

✅Track/measure heart rate, distance and calories burned

✅Track running, walking cycling, swimming, dancing and weight training activity.

✅Compatibility with Strava, Garmin Connect, Fitbit, or Health (iOS)

How to connect your smartwatch to WIRTUAL

  1. Connect a smart watch with your favorite fitness tracking app

  2. Connect WIRTUAL to your fitness tracking app

Now that you’re all set! You only have to connect once to automatically sync data from your fitness tracking app.

Make sure you thoroughly check that you allow app permission to access health data. You can do so by going into the settings of your fitness tracking app.

2. Join Challenge

Once you’ve successfully connected your app and device, it’s time to join a challenge and begin exercise! There’s a wide selection of challenges to choose from. The following are the main types of the challenge:

📍Free Challenge; as a newcomer, you may want to start with a free challenge. However, the reward you will stand to gain rewards at the minimum level. If you’d like to level up your benefits such as earn more rewards, special privileges, prizes, or bonuses, paid challenges are the way to go!

📍Paid Challenge; Upon joining the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with In-app and NFT wearables items, event tickets and even physical products from our partners delivered directly to your doorsteps.

Simply follow the steps outlined below to join the challenge.

  • Tap Challenge in the bottom menu bar.

  • Select a challenge you wish to join (Challenge by activity can be found in the top bar)

  • Tap Join

  • Tap Shopping Cart on top right corner to checkout

Free challenges can proceed to checkout without additional fee, whereas the paid challenge requires payment made via credit/debit card or Alipay payment.

3. Strap on a Smart Watch While Exercising

Once you’ve joined the challenge, it’s time to get moving.

While going about your activity, make sure your smart watch is on a tracking mode.

Please make sure that the activity you choose on your smart watch is corresponding to the type of challenge by activity in WIRTUAL. For example, if you chose to join a running challenge, then you would choose “running” as your workout type on your smart watch.

The result tracked on your smart watch must include the following data;

  • Heart rate

  • Distance and calories

  • Time

Note: if your result does not contain GPS data, your distance and/or calories burned will be deducted by 5%.

Once your workout is complete, your workout results will remain valid for submission for 7 days. If you want to spare workout results for the following submissions, you can split off tracking into small parts.

4. Submit your activity result

Submit results can be done by just a click away. If your smart watch has been connected successfully, once you finish a workout on your smart watch, your data will be automatically imported to WIRTUAL.

Simply follow the steps outlined below to submit workout

  1. Tap Submit (shoes icon) in the bottom menu bar

  2. Choose exercise type

  3. Choose challenge

  4. Select workout results

  5. Tap “Submit.”

It’s that simple! If your submission has been verified, you will receive $WIRTUAL token as a reward.

5. Get Rewards In Your Wallet

The $WIRTUAL you earned will be credited to your wallet at 00:00 (UTC+0) the following day. To claim a reward, claim fee will be charged for the first 7 days, starting at 30% and decreasing by 5% per day. After Day 7, there will be no additional charge required!

With this reason, it is recommended that you claim your rewards after day 7 in order to avoid gas fees.

We’ve made it easy for those of you who are participating in many challenges a day by adding the [Claim All 0% Fee] button, where you can claim all 0% fee rewards all at once.

6. Spend $WIRTUAL Token

There are a multitude of use cases and utilities for $WIRTUAL. Currently, you can use your $WIRTUAL to:

  1. Hold in internal wallet to increase Holders Level

  2. Buy NFTs wearables in Avatar Shop

  3. Earn interest up to 12% on your crypto savings account

  4. Buy brand voucher you can use as a discount when shopping on products

In addition to above mentioned, In the near future, $WIRTUAL coins can be used as a discount for the purchase of

  • Challenges on WIRTUAL platform

  • Physical products on WIRTUAL Brand Store,

  • Event tickets

  • Monetary Donation

Keep an eye out for the upcoming utility of $WIRTUAL.

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