Crypto Wallet

Internal & External Wallet

In the world of WIRTUAL, we have two wallets:

1. Internal Wallet

2. External Wallet

1.Internal Wallet (Without gas fees)

This is where you will receive $WIRTUAL from submitting the results of your day to day exercise activities. The following transactions involve this wallet:

  • Making in-app purchases with $WIRTUAL

  • Using coins in exchange for discounts on store items

  • Gaining coins from activity result submissions (occurs daily, after 00.00 UTC+0)

2.External Wallet (With gas fees)

This wallet functions on the Blockchain platform. Operating like any other cryptocurrency wallet, all transactions occurring through this wallet incurs a gas fee (the gas fee can be paid with $WIRTUAL). This wallet operates on Binance Smart Chain and can be used in the following ways:

  • Transferring $WIRTUAL outside of our platform such as to an exchange, MetaMask, etc.

  • Transferring other coins (non-$WIRTUAL) into the External Wallet to be held on the WIRTUAL platform

  • Holding working coins on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Transaction Costs

1. Transfers into Internal Wallet

  • Within seven days, transfer fees are charged starting at 30% and reducing by 5% each day.

  • Free for any transfers occurring 7 days after the coin has entered the Internal Wallet.


Case 1: Coins were received from a challenge on 1 September. It was then transferred to the Internal Wallet on 8 September onward.

Transaction cost: free

Case 2: Coins were received on 1 September. The coins were then transferred to the Internal Wallet on 1-7 September.

Transaction cost: 30% charged on coins transferred on 1 September, reducing 5% per day from 2-7 September

2. Transfers from Internal Wallet to External Wallet

The transference from Internal Wallet to External Wallet

Transaction cost: 1 $WIRTUAL per transaction if the amount is between 0-100. If the amount is more than 100 $WIRTUAL the transfer fee will be 1% of $WIRTUAL.

3. Transfers from External Wallet to other platforms

Other platforms such as an exchange, MetaMask, and etc.

Transaction cost: Estimate fee is 0.01 BNB.

4. Transfers from other platforms into the External Wallet

Other platforms such as an exchange, MetaMask, etc.

Transaction cost: stipulated and paid to the platform the coins were transferred from.

How to Transfer

How to transfer coins from other platforms into the External Wallet

  1. Copy the External Wallet's address on the WIRTUAL application

  2. Paste the wallet address on the specified section on other platform

  3. Choose the Binance Smart Chain system

  4. Click "ok" and wait for the coins to be transferred. It can take approximately 1-5 minutes for the transfer to be completed depending on the amount transferred

How to set up your External Wallet

  1. Open your External Wallet

  2. Enter your 6 digit pin (if you forget your pin, you will lose all access to the wallet). Any action you take with your wallet will require authentication through your 6 digit pin

  3. The External Wallet is now ready to be used

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