Use cases & growth factors

The purpose of creating $WIRTUAL was to create a cryptocurrency that could bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world. $WIRTUAL can be used in the real sector as discounts on our store, payment to create sport events, or to purchase smart gadgets (currently in development).

Use cases

1.Access Features

The more coins you hold, the more you can earn. More information on the 7 holders levels can be found here.

Holding coins does more than unlocking additional features, it also makes you a part of our community.

2.Event Organizers

If you are an event organizer, and you would like to organize an event through the WIRTUAL app, you would be able to do this at a large price reduction per attendee if you are in the Business Holder Level. In addition to this, you would even be able to purchase $WIRTUAL in order to redistribute as prizes for your event.

Our platform is set up so that you can manage prize distribution as well as have access to a dashboard where you can observe players' progress in real time.‍


$WIRTUAL can be used to purchase wearables for your Avatar. Wearables that require coins can be in the Epic tier (purple), Legendary tier (gold), or Mythic tier (maroon) which will be available in Q1/2022. Auctions will also be held for NFTs in the Mythic tier (in which payment is in $WIRTUAL). If your Avatar has wearables in the Rare, Epic, Legendary, or Mythic tiers, you will unlock special features which allow you to sweat mine more effectively by:

  • Increasing the maximum amount of $WIRTUAL you can receive per day

  • Increasing the maximum number of submissions you can make per day

Growth factors for $WIRTUAL

Here we will explore factors that will drive growth in the value of $WIRTUAL in the long run.

Our starting point in driving growth is in innovation, and creating something that is entirely new, as well as having a large target market. Currently, the health and fitness industry as a whole does not have a large market leader. We plan on filling this gap in our next step, with our "play to earn" model for which the market has previously been established by Axie (an NFT-based online video game).

1.More users, more use cases, more impact

The growth of an app is based on its number of users. Therefore, our customers are our priority. We place a great emphasis on the development of our products and services through:

  • Value: This to us, is the most important factor. We want to offer our users more than just money ($WIRTUAL). We want to motivate and energize. We want our users to feel inspired to work out and care for their well-being more than ever before. We want to build a community of active individuals that can be there to support one another.

  • Fun: We design our virtual challenges to feel like real competitions. We will continue to come up with creative ideas for new and exciting challenges and events in the future. It is well within the realm of possibility that we will create football and basketball challenges moving forward.

  • Safe and Intuitive: We make our app safe (from cheating and any other form of fraud) for users as well as making sure users can understand easily and intuitively how it works. We are working towards creating a platform where our users are in charge of their own data.‍


Having partners can help increase use cases as well as aid in our market expansion. We are interested in business partnerships in sports apparel, gadgets, and other health and fitness related products and services as well as partners in cryptocurrency whether it is in exchanges or coins.

Not only are we interested in connecting our products and services with our partners', we would also like to build with our partners through innovation and collaboration.

3. NFT Popularity

Once NFT items sold in the application have a large number of users interested and become more traded and widely discussed, a positive trend in the NFT world will cause the price of $WIRTUAL to continue to increase.

4. KOL

When the WIRTUAL application has more influencers or KOLs to review the application's usage, it will provide more credibility for users in the online world. This in turn will also increase the price of the coin.

5. Community

As the WIRTUAL's community grows stronger, more will believe in the vision and future direction of the app and begin to want to hold the coins long-term. This will also increase the value of $WIRTUAL.

6. User benefits

The more $WIRTUAL can be used in real life through buying real goods such as purchasing plane tickets or paying to stay in a hotel, the more the value of the coin will grow.

7. Event organizers

In addition to collaborations and partnerships, WIRTUAL also has partnerships with well-known event organizers when it comes to organizing various running events which recruit a large number or new users each time. The more people get to know and have access to the app, the more our user base is able to expand.

8. Buy back to burn

WIRTUAL has a coin burning policy. In order to keep the value of the coins increasing over the long term, our goal is to burn at least 30% of all coins in 3 years.

Macro View

When people exercise more, they decrease their risk in catching illnesses and developing health issues. This in turn decreases governments' burden in terms of health care. We would like to be a part of this movement, to make a real difference. We are interested in working with government agencies in coming up with events, creating jobs around the world, and innovating together at the community level.

Health is relatable to everyone. We want our platform to help people improve their health and inspire a more active lifestyle.

Workout for a better life

When exercising is able to give you an income, it might prevent you from having to take on additional work which can be detrimental to your health. Our model is based on helping people create a better lifestyle for themselves. Whether you are working out for money or training to become an experienced virtual athlete– this is all just the beginning.

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