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A Virtual competition on the WIRTUAL application has never been easier or better. With real-time submissions, the platform is ready for a large number of users and has a strong payment solution.

Make organizing simple with WIRTUAL

Issues when it comes to organizing events such as large amounts of data submissions, fraud detection, lack of real-time results, not to mention many more manual processes will be completely nonexistent when using WIRTUAL. We have created a solution for all these problems.

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We are not open to just any company that may want to use WIRTUAL for event organizing. It is important to us that your company can organize an event professionally and has had previous experience in organizing events of the scale that you want to use WIRTUAL for. This experience matters because any nonperformance of the event will have a direct impact on WIRTUAL's reputation as well.


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We will email you a response and if you are successful, you will receive a guide to start using the application.

What type of events can you organize?

We are continuously developing our application with new innovative and creative ideas. Currently the application is capable of organizing 2 types of events: Offline and Virtual events. Both of these events will have real-time dashboard features that allow you to see the progress and results of your event attendees. You will also have total control in managing the income from the event you are organizing.

Offline events

Participants that join your event will receive a passport that will contain a QR Code. At the event location, the participants will have to scan the QR code in order to join in the event. The participants will also be able to seamlessly link their data. WIRTUAL will help you with online payment solutions, entering an event, communication and PR as well as syncing the progress and results of participants in real-time so members can stay updated on their ranking.

Virtual events

Participation in Virtual events can be from anywhere, at any time. WIRTUAL will help you manage the data submitted to the event and fraud detection in order to rank players fairly. This will have direct consequences regarding prizes, data reporting, as well as prize production and logistics.

Pricing Plan

The pricing plan will be sent only to verified companies.

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