Avatar Clothes

Up your game with Avatar wearables

Wearables for your Avatar that will increase your power, giving access to more features. Wearable powers come in 5 levels.

Virtual Clothes

There are 8 types of wearables you can include in your Avatar's outfit

  1. Headgear 1

  2. Headgear 2

  3. Headgear 3

  4. Clothes

  5. Shoes

  6. Accessories

  7. Pet

  8. Medal (Coming Soon)


These are coins that have been designed to be unique. They are used to identify a specific owner. For example, if you have an NFT, you will receive a deed that verifies ownership. If you purchase an NFT wearable on WIRTUAL, the wearable would be your property, and the WIRTUAL coin would be the deed for your property. Once you own the NFT (and its underlying WIRTUAL coin), you can then use it or sell it as you please. You could set any price you want in the Blockchain world.

*Caution: if you sell your NFT WIRTUAL coin and it leaves your External Wallet, you will lose the additional features provided by the NFT.

Wearable NFTs can be found in the following levels:

  • Epic & Legendary: available through specific activities and challenges

  • Mythic: available through specified auctions

Item type and stats.

In addition each item has a Type and Status as well. We will see them in the next section.

1. Status

At present item stats have two parts:

-Max Receive or maximum number of WIRTUAL coins you can receive per day. It defaults to 0.1 WIRTUAL/day.

-Submission or the amount you can submit exercise results per day. By default it is 1 Submission/day.

As for the item's stats, it will be taken into account only after the item has been equipped on the Avatar.

Our system calculates stats differently from the item the Avatar is wearing when pressing the exercise results. Therefore, before sending any results, it is recommended to check the items thoroughly.

You can also check the stats on the Challenge selection screen.

The item's stats are based on the highest stats only.

Give an example OG Helmet +1 Submission

Stat OG Shirt +0.75 Max Receive

Your Avatar's stats total is 2 Submission and 0.85 Max Receive. If you have already submitted 2 workout results and exchange it for another item with +1 Submission as well, the stats will not be added.

There is also the matter of Type, which we will explain in the next section.

Type of item (Type)

So that you will receive stats based on the items you are equipped with. You also need to wear the right items for that type of exercise. The Avatar item type is divided into 2 main types as follows:

-Type All means that the item's stats can be applied to all exercise types.

-Type according to the type of exercise. Each type is divided into Running, Walking, Cycling, Swimming, Dancing, and Working Out.

The item's stats will be applied according to the specified type of exercise, such as necessary. The Type Running item must be entered in order to display running exercise results only. The stat will therefore be taken into account when affecting. Recommended Set Items Set investors

Headgear 1: Garmin Helmet/Headset (+1.5 Max Receive, Type All)

Headgear 2: Coins Challenge Glasses (+0.5 Max Receive, +1 Submission, Type All)

Headgear 3: WIRTUAL Donut (+3 Max Receive, +5 Submission, Type All)

Clothes: Clothes on the Avatar Shop (according to exercise type) Received Max Coins +2 Max Receive)

Shoes: Lighting shoes (+2 Max Receive, +2 Submission, Type All)

Accessories: WIRTUAL Chicken (+2 Max Receive, +1 Submission, Type All)

Description: For this Set, it is a set of items that are quite expensive. Equip the whole set with Holders Level, Default Level +0.1 Max Receive, will receive all stats +9.85 Max Receive and +9 Submission. Submit all 6 types of exercise. The maximum number of coins that will be received per day is 59.1 WIRTUAL/day (in the case that the number of coins is not distributed out of the Reward Pool that day). Advantages: Most items are All Types (except for shirts sold in the Avatar Shop which are based on the exercise type). They increase both the Max Receive and Submission stats up to the maximum from the total number of items available. On sale now and is Type All, definitely effective for all types of exercise. It can also be resold for a price as well. Disadvantages: The price is quite high.

Tips on how to buy items

In addition to the set recommended above. We also have tips for choosing which items to buy in order to get the most coins. We would like to divide it into two parts:

1.Emphasis on avatar items

2.Focus on Holders Level Avatar Item Line

If you want to focus on items for your Avatar

include all items. and get a lot of coins It is recommended that you choose a combination of items between Max Receive to increase the number of coins received per day and Submission to be able to affect more types of exercise and earn more coins

Recommended item examples

WIRTUAL Donut (+5 Submission, +2 Max Receive, Type All, Avatar Shop)

WIRTUAL Rabbit Hat Motion (+2 Submission, +2 Max Receive, Type All, Avatar Shop)

In addition to the items in the Avatar Shop, you can purchase items at

Cable Holders Level

Holding coins in the Internal Wallet to have a high Holder Level will come with a higher Max Receive and many other privileges such as Platinum holder reward. Anyone who wants more coins with special privileges is recommended to choose the Holders Level line. ideal When we have already received Max Receive from Holders Level, the stats that will help us receive more coins will be items that increase Submission to increase the results of many types of exercise. But if anyone has extra budget to buy additional items, Max Receive can come as well.

It will be Recommended item examples

WIRTUAL Cap (+1 Submission)

WIRTUAL Donut (+5 Submission, +3 Max Receive)

In addition, the items that are worth the most, we recommend that they be Type All items because one piece can be used for all types of exercise. However, to get the most coins per day, we recommend a mixed line with both Holders Level and items that can increase stats. will make you get a lot of coins per day.

How can NFT items be sold? WIRTUAL's NFT items

Whether they are items purchased from the Avatar Shop or items given away from Challenges, can be resold on NFT Marketplaces that are our partners. For example, at present, There is a Billion Happiness partner from the Philippines. And in the future there may definitely be other NFT Marketplaces joining us.

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