How-to Manual

A guide on how to use the WIRTUAL application

Welcome to WIRTUAL 3.0, an active lifestyle super app that incentivizes your healthy habits with a currency you can spend in reality.

WIRTUAL App Manual

This manual will take you through the basics on how to use the app as well as cover the app's key features and anything else you will need to know to make the most out of your WIRTUAL experience.

How to Get Started

  1. Download the WIRTUAL application from the App Store or Google Play.

  2. Tap [Sign up]

  3. Choose your country code, enter your phone number

  4. Enter OTP verification code

  5. Sign up success

Now you're all set! Let’s join the fun!

How to Connect Apps & Devices

WIRTUAL is compatible with leading fitness tracker apps like Health, Strava, Fitbit, Garmin Huawei & MapMyRun. To connect, simply follow steps laid out below

  1. Go into the Menu

  2. My App

  3. Select an app

  4. Follow the on-screen prompts

  5. Conenct Success

Every time you finish a workout on your smart watch, your activity result will be automatically pushed to WIRTUAL. If your device is not listed above, we advise you to download a third-party app called Strava. Once the apps are connected, successfully synced activities will be pushed to WIRTUAL.

How to Join Challenge

The challenges on the application include running, walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, and working out. You can choose any challenge at any distance you would like. There are free challenges and paid challenges. With the paid challenge, you earn more rewards, special privileges, prizes, or bonuses.

4 Easy Steps to Join a Challenge!

  1. Go into the challenge menu

  2. Pick a challenge, and pick the distance you aim to accomplish.

  3. Then tap [Join]

  4. Now you can begin your challenge and share your progress or compete with your friends on the platform.

How to Submit Activity Results

Submit results can be done in 2 ways!

1. Automatic Submission (Eligible to receive $WIRTUAL with this method)

Simply follow steps outlined below

  1. Go into submit menu

  2. Select a type of exercise

  3. Select your challenge

  4. Select your activity result

  5. Tap [Submit]

2. Upload Image (ineligible to receive $WIRTUAL with this method)

If you are using a health / fitness application that is not currently compatible with WIRTUAL, you can still screenshot the results on your phone or take a picture of the results on your smart watch / other fitness equipment. Make sure the date, distance, and time are clearly visible in the image and the information you have entered matches the image you have sent us.

Once you have sent in your activity results, please wait for a notification from us which will let you know whether your results have been accepted or not. Authentication of the results may take up to 24 hours.

How to Claim Rewards

Each time you submit exercise results, you earn $WIRTUAL in your wallet at 00:00 (UTC+0) the following day after your day of submission. To claim, simply follow the steps below.

1. In the Home page, tap [Wallet] at the top right corner.

2. Select a reward you’d like to claim or tap [Claim All 0%] button to claim all your fee-free rewards

Note that claim fee will be charged for the first 7 days, starting at 30% and decreasing by 5% every day. After Day 7, there will be no additional charge required!

How to Transfer $WIRTUAL

There are two wallets on WIRTUAL platform.

Internal Wallet is the wallet used within the WIRTUAL application where you receive $WIRTUAL earned through exercise. Transferring $WIRTUAL from Internal Wallet to External Wallet requires a gas fee paid in $WIRTUAL. 1 $WIRTUAL per transaction if the amount is between 0-100. If the amount is more than 100 $WIRTUAL the transfer fee will be 1% of $WIRTUAL.

Here’s how to transfers from Internal Wallet to External Wallet

1. Tap [Transfer]

2. Enter the amount you want to transfer

3. Tap [Confirm Transfer]

4. Tap Confirm

5. Enter 4-digit master PIN

6. Transfer Success!

External Wallet is where your NFT items are stored and where you can transfer your coins to the external platforms outside of WIRTUAL. This wallet operates on Blockchain like any other cryptocurrency wallet, all transactions occurring through this wallet incurs a gas fee (the gas fee can be paid with BNB). Users are required to reserve a minimum of 1 BNB in their external wallet to cover the gas fee, though the actual charge is typically less than that.

Here’s how to withdraw $WIRTUAL from External Wallet to exchanges, MetaMask, etc.

  1. Tap [Withdraw]

  2. Input the wallet address of your destination platform

  3. Choose the Binance Smart Chain

  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw

  5. Tap [Confirm Withdraw]

  6. Enter 4-digit master PIN

  7. Withdraw Success!

It can take approximately 1-5 minutes for the transaction to be completed depending on the amount transferred.

How to Get NFTs

With the NFT Avatar Shop now closed, there are two alternative ways to get NFTs.

1. From NFT Epic Gachapon Machine in Gachapon Shop

Epic Gachapon Machine contains a wide variety of Epic wearable items ranging from Headgear 1-2-3, Clothes, Shoes to Accessories. Your possibility of winning is 100%. But If you’re lucky, you win a rare one. To get an entry into drawing, you need to obtain a gachapon ticket (Epic Gacha Ticket).

Here’s how to raffle off Epic Gacha Ticket

1. Buy Epic Gacha Ticket HERE

2. Enter Gachapon Shop

3. Head over to Epic Gachapon Machine

4. Login with phone number and password

5. Enter 4-digit PIN

6. Collect rewards

2. From NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace is where you can find, explore, buy, trade and sell NFTs & in-game items.

Here’s how to buy assets from the NFT Marketplace

1. Enter Marketplace HERE

2. Choose an item that you want to buy

3. Tap [Buy]

4. Login

5. Enter 4-digit PIN

6. Buy Success

How to Dress Your Avatar

Customize and dress up your avatar however you like! Choose from hairstyles, skin shades, facial looks, clothing wearables, shoes, accessories and more.

Here is how you change the wearables on your Avatar:

1. Download WIRTUALVERSE app, a cross-functional avatar management app.

2. Tap [Customize]

3. Change or select a new wearable item you have

4. Click Save

That’s it! You can continuously purchase or obtain new wearables to add to your Avatar's closet on WIRTUALVERSE app.

How to Buy $WIRTUAL

Want to buy $WIRTUAL but not sure how? No worries! Here we laid out simple steps you can follow to easily buy $WIRTUAL all the way to transferring the coins into an in-app wallet. Learn how to buy $WIRTUAL from 2 steps;

  • How to Buy $WIRTUAL

  • How to Transfers $WIRTUAL from other platforms into the External Wallet

Here we walk you through steps along with the things you need to prepare before buying.

  1. How to Buy $WIRTUAL

Buying $WIRTUAL is to swap one cryptocurrency token for another. This can be done on PancakeSwap or a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), which differs from centralized exchanges like Binance that many of you are familiar with. To swap, here's what you need to prepare:

  • MetaMask Wallet

  • BUSD

  • BNB in your wallet for gas fee

Things to Know Before Swapping:

  • PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to swap their coins for others that are matched for swapping.

  • The initial price of the $WIRTUAL coin is $0.1572.

  • WIRTUAL is paired with BUSD

  • The Token Address for $WIRTUAL is 0xA19D3F4219E2Ed6DC1cb595dB20F70b8b6866734.

  • Connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain (BEP20).

  • Check the latest price HERE

Learn how to add Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) to MetaMask.

Before swapping coins on PancakSwap, you need to add Binance Smart Chain to Metamask

  1. Open MetaMask

  2. Click [Add Network]

  3. Enter details manually

  1. Click "Save."

How to Add $WIRTUAL Token:

  1. Click Import Token]

  2. Enter details manually

Token Contract Address: 0xA19D3F4219E2Ed6DC1cb595dB20F70b8b6866734

Token Symbol: WIRTUAL

Token Decimal: 18

  1. Click [Add Custom Token]

  2. Click [Import Token]

That’s it! You’re all set to transfer the $WIRTUAL to your WIRTUAL account immediately.

How to Swap Coins on PancakeSwap

Allow us to guide you through the step-by-step process of swapping coins on PancakeSwap, right from the beginning all the way up to receiving your coins. Follow the steps in the link below to learn more:

How to Transfer Coins to WIRTUAL Account

After successfully swapping WIRTUAL coins into your wallet (MetaMask, Binance wallet), the next step is to transfer the coins to your WIRTUAL account. You can easily do this by following these steps:

Click on your External wallet.

Click on "Deposit."

Copy the Address of your External wallet.

Go back to your browser and click "Send" in MetaMask.

Enter the copied Address of your External wallet.

Select the Asset and enter the amount of coins you want to transfer.

Click "Send."

Verify that the coins in your External wallet are correctly transferred.

Transferring coins from the External Wallet to the Internal Wallet on WIRTUAL incurs a Gas fee for the transaction. You will need BNB in your External Wallet to cover this cost. We recommend keeping around 0.01 BNB as a precaution. However, the exact Gas fee may vary for each transaction, depending on the number of transactions on the chain at that time.

How to Transfer Coins from Internal Wallet to External Wallet

Once you have WIRTUAL coins in your External Wallet, the next step is to transfer the coins to your Internal Wallet. You can do this on WIRTUAL following these steps:

Access your Internal Wallet.

Click on "Transfer."

Enter the amount of WIRTUAL coins you want to transfer to the External Wallet.

Click "Transfer."

For transferring coins from the External Wallet to other wallets, like MetaMask and Binance, not on the WIRTUAL platform, you can follow these steps. This will also incur a Gas fee in BNB, so you need to have enough BNB in your External Wallet. We recommend keeping around 0.1 BNB as a precaution.

Access your External Wallet.

Click "Withdraw."

Select the coin you want to transfer.

Enter the Address of the wallet you want to transfer the coins to.

Enter the amount of coins you want to transfer.

Click "Withdraw."

That's it! Now the coins will be in your External Wallet. Please note that the Gas fee for transferring will vary based on the amount of coins being transferred:

Transferring less than 100 WIRTUAL (0-100):

Gas fee: 1 WIRTUAL

Transferring more than 100 WIRTUAL (101 and above):

Gas fee: 1% of the total number of coins to be transferred. For example, transferring 200 WIRTUAL will incur a Gas fee of 2 WIRTUAL.

By following these steps, you can easily buy, transfer, and manage your WIRTUAL coins. Happy investing!"

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